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Folium Energy is an independent power producer, PPA, and project developer whose focus is renewable energy. We specialize in the developing, financing, constructing, maintaining and operating solar and wind energy production facilities. These facilities range from small distributed generation to utility scale projects with locations throughout North America. At Folium Energy, we believe in creating power from sustainable, clean resources that will benefit our communities.

With the global push towards cleaner and more efficient ways of producing electricity, Folium Energy is leading the charge. Our company’s experience, innovative approach, business partners, and sponsorship have caused a growth that can only be measured by leaps and bounds.

Because of segregations in the market the founding members of Folium Energy saw a need to create a conglomerate. By affectively bringing all of the parties involved in a renewable energy project under one umbrella, Folium Energy can take a project from its inception to operation in the most efficient approach possible.