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Energy Solutions

Sustainability is a key ingredient to every successful business. Folium Energy’s services extend beyond energy generation and project development. Our in house expertise assists companies with cost-effective energy savings and sustainability solutions.

Folium Energy will make recommendations to your organization and create energy and sustainability initiatives which support financial and operational efficiencies. We’re experts in energy solutions and have a variety of experts to develop and implement sustainable, financially-sound solutions.

We can be your third party and unbiased advocate, always focused on the best interests of your company. Let our unparalleled experience translate to efficient, effective results for you.

Renewable Energy Hedge

Many organizations are looking for ways to create or extend their sustainability efforts. Folium Energy is able to provide all of the necessary resources to establish and implement a successful power hedge strategy for your organization. By dealing with a direct power producer, your organization is able to receive contract periods for as long as 30 years. In some cases, your organization can receive the equipment after the term of the contract has expired. In addition, your firm is able to stake claim to directly supporting particular renewable generation plants.

Other Folium Energy services include:

• Rate Analysis

• Energy Risk Management

• Budget Development

• Sustainability Services

• Market Intelligence

• Energy Efficiency Projects

• Direct Energy Generation Solutions